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#MADE OF Italian Style
A luxury accessory is appreciated for its timeless elegance.
This is the idea in which Daniela Zelli believes, this is the philosophy contained in her brand, just like the feeling that is increasingly animating the renowned luxury houses in the world of fashion.
Functional and easy to wear, each creation is designed for sophisticated women and men who want to own an exclusive accessory to live over time, in which to express their personality and lifestyle.
Each creation is much more than a bag, it is a space that represents a perfect balance between form and functionality and in which quality, craftsmanship and Italian style are the founding values.
#MADE OF Italian Details
Always looking for a unique detail that makes her creations distinctive, Daniela Zelli avails herself of the experience of selected Italian master craftsmen who collaborate with the most famous fashion houses and who, performing with great attention and passion, refined workmanship and handmade finishes , give life to its collections.
Each bag is made using high quality full grain leather from the best Italian tanneries.
The products are certified100 Made in Italyy by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers.
Certification n. IT01.IT/1777.127.P
#MADE OF Italian Beauty
Daniela Zelli creations express the synthesis between architecture, design and original creativity. His projects are a physical and emotional journey that starts from Rome, a city of eternal beauty, a filter from which to look at and reinterpret Italy, its landscapes, its nature, the purity of its colors, its sweet and harmonious lines. . The creative process reflects the suggestions that Daniela photographed with her eyes and transformed into objects that are pure expression of a charismatic, modern and sophisticated lifestyle.